About The Thoughtful Curated

I’m Megan Clouse, curator and lover of unique and beautiful things.

The Thoughtful Curated began because of my joy in discovering unique finds, at first just for me. Then my excitement spilled over and I’d text and email links to my girlfriends at all times of the day, shouting in all caps, “You JUST HAVE TO get this AMAZING dress (bracelet/rug/hat/blanket) - it’s so cute!!”. And that is how this began.

And while it’s great fun to unbundle the newest package, please remember that there is a very special peace in living simply and humbly - to be appreciative of what we already have.

There’s an important balance between having plenty and saving for something special that sparks joy in your heart. So with that, be thoughtful and live curated.

I’m so glad you’re here!


Recent love…

“FUN!  Being a not big fan of shopping, I love when others do all the work for me.”

Susan, California

“It’s such a treat opening your newsletters.  I honestly look forward to them. You have such a talent for finding special links. Thank you for sharing them.”

Sue, Michigan

"I love all your items on The Thoughtful Curated this week. I want every one of them!!!!"

Phyllis, Texas

“I just wanted you to know that I opened my email first thing this morning and your email brought me so much joy!”

Shondra, Connecticut

"Your emails are ones I always look forward to, I love the window shopping feel and discovering new things I didn’t know I needed. I have a few things I’m keeping on my 'save to splurge for' list!”

Kristi, Maine

"Your letters are one of the highlights of my week! I want to buy everything - thanks for sharing!"

Hilary, New Hampshire

"Aw thanks Megan!!! Been obsessed with this group you have here I feel like I have a personal shopper."

Katherine, Michigan

“You’re killin’ me with all your thoughtful curated EXCEPTIONALLY wonderful pieces. I buy something every time! Help!”

Leslie, North Carolina